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Jasmine's Daily Blog!

I'll try to post daily but might skip somedays of the week. 😎😀😛

My everyday Life 01

My name is Jasmine White and I'm a new blogger. My goal with this is that my friends and family can read this and see what I'm up to. 

Story Time!

Why I stopped skateboarding.
So about a three months ago I took up skateboarding I got pretty good too couldn't do tricks or anything but I could stay on the board without falling (or so I thought). So I went to my grandparents house to hang out with them for a while and I brought my skateboard with me because there driveway is smooth black top so I thought to myself why don't I try this surfer move that was in my mind. The surfer move is a move where you get down low like your riding a surfboard it didn't end to well. When I started trying the move got pretty good but I went the wrong direction on a spot I didn't sweep off and got caught on a rock and went flying. I caught myself but still got hurt pretty bad. I fell so hard and skidded just far enough where I cut at least to inches into my knee and scraped my hand. I should've went and got stitches but me having a fear of needles at the time (still do) refused took three months to heal hand are ok but now I have a scar that's shaped like a shark tooth so yeah that's my story. And yes I know I should wear protective gear from now on knee pads, helmet, etc... But i'm not going too.  There's no fun in riding a skateboard if you don't get hurt every once in a while. So yeah my skateboard is now outside and its wheel are stiff so ima regrease with some WD-40 and try again so yeah 
So this morning I woke up late (6:45 is late for me I usually wake up at 7:00) and go ready for school. So weve been selling candy bars to raise money and I had to go on quarantine the two weeks before well I got forced to sit outside my classroom and sell candy bars so I wasn't to happy about that then I had class and we do normal stuff and keep going on with my day then I have volleyball practice so much fun (im being sarcastic). So after my day ended at 5:00pm I came home tried to do my math and took or tried to take a nap so, now I'm talking about my day and about to go to bed so Goodnight Y'all Stay Safe.🥱🥱🥱💤💤


Welcome to my first blog

        Welcome to my first blog. So today I woke up at 8:15,and ate breakfast I was planning to go outside and play softball or tie dye a shirt, but it got to hot to fast. 

          So I came inside and got ready to help my mom take some stuff to her classroom. So after that we came home and then went to popular bluff so my sister could get to rehearsal on time.

        It was fun gotta see some of the play without there costumes so yeah now I'm home and about to go to bed. 

           Tomorrow I'm planning on going outside to the park across the street going in the baseball field and hitting the softball and working on pitching.  

              Then after that I'm going to tie dye my shirt so yeah, and I may start skateboarding again, why I stopped is a story for another time.

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